Miko NYC Live Techno Radio Station

Miko NYC Techno radio station page .Thanks for stopping by to my Techno Live Radio Station, This is one of my favorite Techno EDM Station I listen to when I’m at home relaxing or at work. This station constantly plays all the time . So feel free to hit the Play button and just enjoy this awesome non stop music and relax. Live radio station day and night for your enjoyment.

Miko Live NYC Techno EDM Radio Station.

EDM sometimes refers to Techno is geared toward the club dance floor. specifically, huge dance floors pump by speakers with a whole lot of extreme bass on them .

Techno music is sometimes labeled loud and crazy, music that can only be listened to with the help of alcohol in a dark nightclub. This type of music idea originated in the 1980s when synthesizers and drum machines became integrated and part of music.

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Techno music was constructed in the city in the early 80s by youthful African-Americans armed with barrel machines (also know as drum machines) and visionary ideals. Musc /Producers Artists like Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson used whatever technology they could get their hands on to colonist a slice- edge sound made up of growling synths and driving cotillion beats. In the process, they set in stir one of the essential musical movements of the 20th century and beyond for our enjoyment.

Did you know there are more than 50 genres encapsulated in EDM Techno music.

Example of some lesser known techno music genres some people might not know .
New Wave It was popular from the late 70s to middle 80s. The sound gives a link between traditional blues and gemstone and roll sounds and EDM by incorporating disco, mod and electronic music.

Deep House The sound used different synthesisers and beats machines to produce tempos of about 120 BPM. It afterward evolved to the Future House sound in the 2010s.

Intelligent Dance Music This was an experimental music beats in the 1990s that was more suited to tune in than dancing. Since it employed electronic music, it’s frequently listed as an EDM genre.

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