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Miko Ulloa NYC Profile
Miko Ulloa NYC Profile

Miko Ulloa NYC TLD Domain Personal Website . My Official website is located at mikoulloa.com .

For Computer Repair in Manhattan and The Bronx in New York City , Feel free to visit my website here at www.thirty5tech.com

This Website is under construction and soon will be open .

Up in the upcoming weeks, there will be some pretty cool features added to this site , @mikoulloa do hope as times goes by ya guys get to experience some pretty cool features on this site to make mike and your time a bit more social online . I plan to add some awesome cool features on this site such as A movie section if possible , as well a music section as well . I will also offer short URL service for those that will like it. But please bare with me as this website is going to take some time to be fully functional . If you need to contact me for any reason , feel free to use the contact information provided below or feel free to visit one of my Social Networking site if you already have one and contact me from there .

I’m a Certified Computer Technician that has been servicing computer since late 2001 . If you are located in New York City , Then feel free to visit my NY Computer Repair website here www.thirty5tech.com and for Spanish Computer Repair Service in NYC feel free to visit here www.computadorareparacion.com . This Spanish computer repair website is for Spanish speak people only . Both website dispatch same technician that are bilingual in Spanish and English .

This Domain miko.nyc is register for Miko Ulloa @mikoulloa

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Miko Ulloa image text Miko Ulloa official website. Certified Computer Technician that works in the New York Tri-State area. Miko Ulloa has been in the Information Technology support since 2001 .
35 Fort Washington Ave New York NY 10032 USA